Debatt: Verden står foran en formidabel oppgave (only in Norwegian)

Debattinnlegg av Ola M. Johannessen, Nansen Scientific Society, Bergen.

  • Dato:  17. oktober 2021
  • Publisert i: Bergensavisen

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New portal for research-based information about the Arctic and Antarctic

After two years of project work, the University Library at UiT Norway’s Arctic University is proud to launch a search portal where you can find all available research-based information about the polar areas in one place, both scientific articles, reports, and datasets. The search portal is developed in collaboration with researchers from the Norwegian Polar Institute and UiT Norway’s Arctic University.

The Open Polar, The Global Open Access Portal for Research Data and Publications on the Arctic and Antarctic was launched in Tromsø on 1 September, 2021.

Link to news article about OPEN POLAR .

Visit the portal

The portal is found here.



Mohn Prize 2022 – Call for nominations

UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Academia Borealis – The Academy of Sciences and Letters of Northern Norway, and Tromsø Research Foundation welcome nominations for The International Mohn Prize for Outstanding Research Related to the Arctic (The Mohn Prize).

The Mohn Prize, which carries a cash award of 2 million NOK (approximately 195 000 €), is awarded biennially.

The prize is awarded to an individual or to a research group who has published excellent research related to the Arctic, who holds a leading position internationally in his/her/their field of research, and who has brought to light groundbreaking new knowledge related to nature and/or culture in the Arctic.

Nominees for the prize will be evaluated by an international scientific committee.

The recipient of the Mohn Prize will be announced in October 2021, and the award ceremony will take place in Tromsø in early 2022.

We hereby invite you to nominate candidates for the Mohn Prize 2022.

Nominations should be submitted using the nomination form available at

The deadline for nominations is the 31st of July 2021.

For further information, click on this link. 

A new book published by the BBVA Foundation presents the multidisciplinary vision of 30 leading experts on the Arctic meltdown and its global repercussions

Invitation to join on April 28, 2021 the B2BI North Atlantic—Arctic Science Initiative Seminar Series

About the seminar

Fisheries and other human activities – inclusive processes, expertise and evidence provided in the North East Atlantic, and adjacent seas

The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) is an intergovernmental marine science organization, meeting societal needs for impartial evidence on the state and sustainable use of our seas and oceans.

​​​Our goal is to advance and share scientific understanding of marine ecosystems and the services they provide and to use this knowledge to generate stat

e-of-the-art advice for meeting conservation, management, and sustainability goals. We are a network of nearly 6000 scientists from over 700 marine institutes in our 20 member countries and beyond. Over 2500 scientists participate in our activities annually.

Through strategic partnerships our work in the Atlantic Ocean also extends into the Arctic, the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, and the North Pacific Ocean.


The Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research is associated with B2BI and wants to support it as and when possible.

The politics of research presence in Svalbard

The Polar Journal

The full article can be read or downloaded here.

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Oppfølgingsplan for norsk polarforskning (only in Norwegian)

Foto: NVP / Marry K. Sandstå

I 2017 evaluerte Forskningsrådet norsk polarforskning, og nå har en komite bestående av eksperter innen norsk polarforskning fulgt opp.

Akademiets president og flere av akademiets medlemmer har vært medlemmer av oppfølgingskomiteen:

  • Jørgen Berge, leder UiTs Polarforskningskomité, UiT, Tromsø
  • Hanne Hvidtfeldt Christiansen, visedekan for utdanning, UNIS, Svalbard
  • Grete Hovelsrud, professor, Nord universitet, Bodø
  • Sveinung Løset, professor, prodekan forskning og innovasjon, NTNU
  • Ole Arve Misund, direktør, Norsk Polarinstitutt, Tromsø
  • Brit Lisa Skjelkvåle, instituttleder, Institutt for Geofag, UiO, Oslo

Klikk her for å lese oppfølgingsplanen der de anbefaler nye polare satsinger og koordineringstiltak.

Svalbard og havområdene – nye utenrikspolitiske utfordringer for Norge? (Svalbard and the Surrounding Ocean Spaces – New Foreign Policy Challenges for Norway?)

Internasjonal Politikk, No 4, Vol 78, 2020, pp. 511-522. 

Article available only in Norwegian, but with an abstract in English.

The full article can be read or downloaded here.

Article by:

  • Arild Moe Fridtjof Nansens Institutt, Norge
  • Øystein Jensen Fridtjof Nansens Institutt og Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge, Norge

The Joint North Atlantic-Arctic Ocean Science Programme Initiative (B2B)

The Joint North Atlantic-Arctic Ocean Science Programme Initiative (B2B) is evolving from within the scientific community to innovatively transform international scientific research and related education programs in an era with new expectations for science in the 21st century. B2B is proposed as a “Programme Initiative” with “Priority Projects” in the spirit of IGBP, WCRP, and other international scientific programs, with an explicit scope and charter. An ad hoc B2B Steering Committee has evolved that engages several dozen scientists, science academies and other relevant experts. The B2B team is seeking support among key individuals in the research and policy-interested communities within the B2B nations. The Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research is associated with the project and wants to support is as and when possible. Academy members who are interested in the project should contact the secretariat:

More information can be read in the following documents: