Population increase impacts the climate, using the sensitive Arctic as an example



O.M. Johannessen, E. V. Shalina

Whither the Arctic Ocean? Research, Knowledge Needs, and Development en Route to the New Arctic



P. Wassmann (Ed.)

The politics of research presence in Svalbard



T. Pedersen

Svalbard og havområdene – nye utenrikspolitiske utfordringer for Norge (Svalbard and the Surrounding Ocean Spaces – New Foreign Policy Challenges for Norway?)



A. Moe & Ø. Jensen

Change will be the constant – future environmental policy and governance challenges in Svalbard



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Svalbard in transition: adaptation to cross-scale changes in Longyearbyen


G.K. Hovelsrud, B.P. Kaltenborn & J. Olsen

Cruising the marginal ice zone: climate change and Arctic tourism


David Palma, Alix Varnajot, Kari Dalenc, Ilker K. Basaran, Charles Brunette,
Marta Bystrowska, Anastasia D. Korablina, Robynne C. Nowickih and
Thomas A. Ronge

Observations of internal waves generated by an anticyclonic eddy: a case study in the ice edge region of the Greenland Sea


O.M. Johannessen, S. Sandsven, I.P. Chunchuzov & R.A. Shuchman

The Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research

Information brochure 2019

NVP Summer School 2017: The Arctic Ocean and the Marginal Ice Zone (MIZ) – Student’s report


Alix Robert Varnajot, Anastasia Korablina, Anastasiia Bazhenova, Anastasiia Mischenko, Bernhard
Schartmüller, Bimochan Niraula, Charles Brunette, David Palma, Diwakar Poudel, Elena Sukhikh,
Elena Guk, Hanna Kauko, Ilker Basaran, Kari Dalen, Lisa Griem, Liudmila Nikanorova, Marina
Antonova, Marius Årthun, Marta Lucja Bystrowska, Meri Tuuli Päivikki Korhonen, Robynne
Calypso Nowicki, Sigurd Henrik Teigen, Thomas Ronge

NVP International Summer Schools Poster

Poster about the Summer Schools presented at the Svalbard Science Conference 2017

Assessing the added value of the recent declaration on unregulated fishing for sustainable governance of the central Arctic Ocean


G.E. Shephard, K.Dalen, R. Peldszus, S. Aparício, L. Beumer, R. Birkeland, N: Gkikas, M. Kourantidou,P. Ktenas,P.W. Linde, F. Marazzi, R.B.M. Pincinato, J. Radianti, B. Schartmüller, E.I. Stübner, A. Varnajot, M. Vullierme, I. Zhilina

Commercial Arctic shipping through the Northeast Passage: Routes, resources, governance, technology, and infrastructure


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Transdisciplinarity and Training Engaged Researchers


P. Roberts, K. Metuzals, S. Strey, S. Vanek, L. Lembke-Jene, J. Dahl

Shipping in Arctic Waters


Willy Østreng

Environmental Security in the Arctic Ocean


Paul Arthur Berkman, Alexander N. Vylegzhanin

The relation between sea ice thickness and freeboard in the Arctic


V. Alexandrov, S. Sandven, J. Wahlin and O. M. Johannessen

A Hovercraft For Marine Geophysical Work Off Canada’s Northermost Frontier

Spring 2010

John K Hall and Yngve Kristoffersen

Petermanns flytende isshelf brekker opp


Prof. Ola M. Johannessen – Nansensenteret

China Prepares for an Ice Free Arctic


Linda Jakobson

Contribution to Stratospheric Water Vapor to Decadal Changes in the rate of Global warming


Susan Solomon

Climate Change as a Political Problem


Lennart Bengtsson

Polar Navigation for Research: Then and Now


Navigation News

Icing events trigger range displacement in a high-arctic ungulate


Audun Sien,1,7 Leif Egil Loe,2 Atle Mysyerud,2 Torbjøn Severinsen,3 Jack Kohler,4
and Rolf Langvatn

Greenland ice sheets elevation change in winter and influence of atmospheric teleconnections in the Northern Hemisphere


Chen Lin-Ling, Ola M Johannessen, Kirill Khvorostovsky, and Wang Hui-Jun

The greening of Greenland


Fiona Harvey

The R/H Sabvabaa—A research hovercraft for marine geophysical work in the most inaccessible area of the Arctic Ocean


John K. Hall and Yngve Kristoffersen

Griffon design for geophysical work in the Arctic Ocean


In depth magazine

Luftputebåten henter opp de norgligste berg


Yngve Kristoffersen

Sources and pathways of 90Sr in the North Atlantic–Arctic region: present day and global warming


Yongqi Gao, Helge Drange , Ola M. Johannessen, Lasse H. Pettersson

Extensive local seabed disturbance, erosion and mass wasting on Alpha Ridge, Central Arctic Ocean: possible evidence for an extra-terrestrial impact?


Yngve Kristoffersen, John K. Hall, Kenneth Hunkins, José Ardai, Bernard J.
Coakley, John R. Hopper & Healy 2005 seismic team

Decreasing Arctic sea ice mirrors increasing CO2 on decadal time scale


Ola M. Johannessen

A Hovercraft for Marine Geophysical Research in the Inaccessible High Arctic


John K. Hall, and Yngve Kristoffersen

Inn I Isen På En Pute Av Luft


Svalbard Posten

Radioactivity and pollution in the Nordic sea and Arctic regions

Ola M. Johannessen, Vladimir A. Volkov, Lasse H. Pettersso, Vladimir S. Maderich, Mark J. Zheleznyak, Yongqi Geo, Leonid P. Bobylev, Andrey V. Stepanov, Ivan A. Neelov, Viktor P. Tishkov, and Sven P. Nielsen