Kryukov, Valeriy A.

Head of Center of Resource Economics – Institute of Economics and Statistics of the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences

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Valeriy Anatolievich Kryukov (born 2 October 1954 in Novosibirsk) is a Russian economist, Doctor of economic sciences (1999), professor (2007), corresponding member (2011), full member of Russia Academy of Sciences (2019).
Director of the Institute of economics and industrial engineering of SBRAS (since 2017), Chief of the Center of resource economy, Editor-in-chief of the All Russian economic journal ECO.

Head of chair of energy and resource markets of the faculty of world economy and global policy of the Higher School of Economics (since 2007).

Scientific activity
A graduate of Economics Faculty of Novosibirsk State University (major in “Economic cybernetics”) class 77, V.A. Kryukov went to work for the Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences.
In 1984 he finished the post-graduate study at IEIE and in 1986 was awarded ‘Candidate of science’ degree for his thesis ‘Economic evaluation of strategies of complex exploration of hydrocarbon resources (for oil and gas deposits of North Tyumen region)’. In 1999 he got ‘Doctor of science’ degree for his thesis ‘Theoretical and methodological problems of institutional reforms in the oil and gas sector of the Russian economy’
V.A. Kryukov is an expert on economic problems of operation and development of the leading sector of mineral resource complex of economy – oil and gas. His monograph “Institutional structure of oil and gas sector: problems and courses of transformation” is a pioneer work in Russia concerning research into mechanisms of changes in institutional structure of mineral resource complex in the current circumstances. Altogether, V.A. Kryukov (alone and in co-authorship) published over 500 works including 26 monographs.

The principal scientific results of V.A. Kryukov:

  • dynamic regularities revealed in the institutional environment of mineral resource sector of economy;
  • justification of institutional nature that generates income that has a rent or quasi-rent character with institutional conditions of varying rigidity;
  • research into interconnection between transformation of institutional structure of the mineral resource sector of economy and changes of deployed production forces in the sectoral makeup of regional economies.

V.A. Kryukov is a ‘hands on’ expert for various organizations: Economic Council of Tyumen oblast, Expert Council of Ministry of Fuel and Power, Expert Council of Natural Resource Management Committee of the State Duma, Expert Council on Arctic of the Chairman of Federal Council of RF, Expert Council of New Economic Association. He is a regular participant in expert groups working for the World bank, European bank of reconstruction and development, Arctic Council and a range of other international organizations. He was in charge of project groups preparing documents of economic and social development for a number of resource-rich subjects of RF.

In the National research university “Higher school of economics” (Moscow), V.A. Kryukov is the head of chair “Energy and resource markets” as well as the academic director of the first in Russia master’s Programme on regulating and managing resource and energy industries. He is a member of a number of dissertation defense boards, the head of the State Attestation commission of Tyumen State University, was a visiting professor and researcher (remaining an affiliated scientific researcher) in a number of universities and institutes of Canada, Norway, Netherlands and Italy.

Awards and degrees

V.A. Kryukov is a laureate of the competition “PEGAS – 2000” in the nomination X: prize for best book (“West-Siberian phenomenon”, Moscow, in co-authorship with Yu.K. Shafrannik), one of the first laureates to receive a grant from the endowment for promotion of national science ‘Best economists of RAS’ (2002—2004). His active participation in the rise and development of scientific research in Siberia was marked by awarding him in 2007 the Golden merit award “The asset of Siberia”. In 2011 V.A. Kryukov got one of the highest awards of ‘Russian miners’ series – the order of ‘Miner’s glory’ of the first degree. In 2014, in recognition of many years of dedicated work, vast contribution to economic development of Siberia and the Far East, effective education of scientific personnel he was awarded a Certificate of appreciation of Federation Council of Federal Assembly of RF, while the Ministry of education of Russia granted him the honorary title ‘esteemed employee of science and technology of the Russian Federation’. In 2017 he received the medal of the order ‘For Merit to the Fatherland’ of the second degree.