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Pedersen, Torbjørn

Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences; Nord University

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Torbjørn Pedersen is a political scientist and professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Nord University. Pedersen has published extensively on issues pertaining to Longyearbyen, the maritime legal dispute outside Svalbard, the Arctic Council, Norway’s High North strategy, and foreign and security policy in the Barents Sea area. Pedersen has demonstrated a particular interest in Svalbard, including the surrounding maritime areas. From 2002 through 2004, he was the Editor-in-Chief of Svalbardposten, the world’s northernmost newspaper. In 2015, he resettled in Longyearbyen as a Senior Advisor to Svalbard Science Forum (SSF), to help coordinate international research in the archipelago. He has visited both polar regions in the capacity of Lecturer and Expedition Staff Member on Hurtigruten’s expedition vessel «Fram». Pedersen defended his dissertation «Conflict and Order in Svalbard Waters» at the University of Tromsø in 2008 and was promoted from Associate Professor to Full Professor in Political Science at Nord University from August 2017. He has participated in several research projects related to the polar regions, including Geopolitics in the High North, Arctic Governance, The Law and Politics of Integrated Oceans Management in the Barents Sea, and Civilian Polar Research – Military Use.

Pedersen’s international level-2 publications include «Debates over the Role of the Arctic Council» (Ocean Development & International Law, 2012), «Politics of Presence: The Longyearbyen Dilemma» (Arctic Review on Law and Politics, 2017), «Svalbard’s Maritime Zones: The End of Legal Uncertrainty?» (International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law, 2009), «International Law and Politics in U.S. Policymaking: The United States and the Svalbard Dispute» (Ocean Development & International Law, 2011), and «Polar Research and the Secrets of the Arctic» (Arctic Review on Law and Politics, 2019).

Pedersen, a former journalist with Reuters, Aftenposten, and Norwegian Broadcasting Corp., is a keen disseminator of research on polar issues. Pedersen’s op-eds on polar politics are found in Aftenposten, Dagsavisen and Nordlys, and he has served as a regular contributor to Morgenbladet’s «Utenriksanalyse».