Corell, Robert W.

Adjunct Professor at the University of Miami’s Department of Ocean Sciences

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Dr. Robert W. Corell is a Principal at the Global Environment Technology Foundation and Leads its Center for Energy and Climate Solutions. He has several academic appointments: Adjunct Professor, Department of Ocean Science, University of Miami. Professor at the University of the Arctic and Professor II at EALÁT Institute Norway (2002-Present). He was appointed Vice Chancellor of the Academy of Science and Art in 2012. Council Member of the Global Energy Assessment (GEA) and Lead Author of GEA’s Chapter 3 on Environment and Energy and Co-Chair of Phase II of the GEA (2009 – 2015. Dr. Corell founded the non-profit Global Science Associates, an interdisciplinary nucleus of science experts. He led the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (2000-2005) and most recently lead a comprehensive study of governance issues in the circumpolar Arctic. In 2013, chaired and was the lead author of the 2013 UNEP Year Book on “The View from the Top Searching for Responses to a Rapidly Changing Arctic”. He was recognized with the other scientists for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his work with the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessments and in 2010, Dr. Corell was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine by the Norges Veterinærhøgskole (Norwegian School of Veterinarian Science). Corell, R.W., Lead Author, UNEP Year Book, View from the Top: Searching for responses to a rapidly changing Arctic (2013). and Chief Scientist and Member of the Board, International Sea Level Institute (San Francisco Bay Region: 2015)