Berge, Jørgen

Professor, deputy leader AMB (BFE) at UiT / Adjunct Prof. - UNIS

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Professor Jørgen Berge works at the University of Tromsø and holds an adjunct position at UNIS.

Research interests

Arctic marine biology, polar night, zooplankton, organisms associated with the Arctic sea ice, effects of climate change

Research projects:

CircA: Circadian rhythms of Arctic zooplankton from polar twilight to polar night – patterns, processes, and ecosystem implications.

Marine Night: Achieve a basic understanding of Arctic biodiversity and food web structure during the polar night.

GrønBille: Analysing long-term data on variability, patterns and trends in the physical environment affecting the timing of blooms in Billefjorden and Grønfjorden in Svalbard.

Information on all projects is found on this website: