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The Joint North Atlantic-Arctic Ocean Science Programme Initiative (B2B)

The Joint North Atlantic-Arctic Ocean Science Programme Initiative (B2B) is evolving from within the scientific community to innovatively transform international scientific research and related education programs in an era with new expectations for science in the 21st century. B2B is proposed as a “Programme Initiative” with “Priority Projects” in the spirit of IGBP, WCRP, and […]

Nomination of candidates for membership 2020

Individual Norwegian members to NVP are Norwegian citizens who have carried out independent scientific work in polar research or specifically have contributed to the advancement of polar research (§5.2.) Individual foreign members may be admitted by the same criteria (§5.3.) The recruitment of new individual members to NVP shall seek a balance between disciplines and […]

Call for Papers – Changing Svalbard

Alexandra Meyer and Zdenka Sokolickova will be guest editing a special collection focusing on Svalbard. Deadline for Abstracts indicating interest is 1 July 2020! The Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard draws attention. It is of high geopolitical relevance, is considered a “canary in the coal mine” for climate change, and its communities are undergoing profound structural […]

GoNorth – exploring the Arctic Ocean

13 Norwegian research and education organizations, collectively known as GoNorth, have promoted a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary program to investigate the Arctic Ocean. The Norwegian Government has defined the Arctic as its most important strategic foreign policy area. The government’s Ocean Strategy, Blue Opportunities, addressing knowledge building and sustainable development, adds a new dimension to the policy. […]

Annual Report 2019

The board has approved the annual report from 2019, presented and discussed during the last board meeting on February 27th, 2020. You can read and download the report on the link below.

10 new members were elected during the Annual Meeting 2019

It is a pleasure to inform that ten (10) new members were elected  during the 2019’s Academy’s Annual Meeting in Bodø Norway ; November 26th 2019. The Academy has now 160 individual members from 19 countries in addition to the six institutional members who contribute with relevant knowledge and expertise. The new members are: 1 Birgitta […]

Sea Ice in the Arctic – Past, Present and Future

This book provides in-depth information about the sea ice in the Arctic at scales from paleoenvironmental variability to more contemporary changes during the past and present centuries. The book is based on several decades of research related to sea ice in the Arctic and its variability, sea ice process studies as well as implications of […]