Member and stakeholder survey 2021

Photo by: Eva Therese Jenssen/UNIS

The new Academy Strategy 2021-2025 (to be formally accepted by the Board this spring), calls for deeper member involvement in the Academy’s activities. A central part of this effort is developing an annual cycle of identifying issues of high importance for the Polar Regions where the Academy can make an important contribution. Quoting the Strategy (emphasis added):

“Survey members and key stakeholders to identify topic areas where NVP may have a positive impact in the coming year, particularly for issues that are emerging or might be slipping under the radar.”

The Board’s plan is to select 1-3 of the suggested topics, establish teams to assess the status of research and policy action through the year (including a workshop in the fall), with the goal of issuing our conclusions and recommendations at a public event in early 2022.

So the question to you, as a member or stakeholder of the Academy, is:

What do you see as an emerging issue that would be particularly interesting, timely and important for the academy to highlight this year? We don’t mean obvious issues like the shrinking sea ice, but rather issues that perhaps are interdisciplinary, perhaps complex, perhaps things you wonder about but are too complex to figure out on your own? And things that you think will be relevant this year and the next. You don’t need to be an expert on the topic you suggest.

Examples from recent years might have been:

  • How will changes in the Arctic Ocean affect the magnitude and geographic distribution of primary productivity, and what implications will any changes have for human activity and policy?
  • What is the likelihood that geopolitical tensions in other regions will spill over into Arctic affairs, for example US-China trade conflicts, or tensions over Crimea?

We would appreciate your response before March 1 2021. Click on this link to send your response.


Please do not hesitate to contact us on if you have questions.