The Svalbard Alumni Workshop

The Svalbard Alumni Workshop, by invitation, will identify, define, and develop a network of Svalbard-related young scholars.

Each year, over one thousand researchers from approximately 30 nations participate in research studies, projects, and monitoring programs in Svalbard. The vast majority of these students and research professionals only spend a finite time conducting activities in Svalbard and engaging on-the-ground with the Svalbard research community before returning to their home countries and institutions.

The workshop will fill this gap by creating the first-ever Svalbard alumni network focused on early career scholars (graduate and post-doctorate) across various disciplines. The end goal of this workshop is to identify, define, and develop a network of Svalbard-related young scholars.

To do this, the Svalbard Alumni Workshop will take place on 7 November 2019, around the Svalbard Science Forum, organized and implemented by the Fridtjof Nansen Institute in collaboration with The Arctic Institute.

Current and past researchers who have or will do programs in Svalbard, or who examine Svalbard in their research, from a diverse array of disciplines, countries, and professions and are interested in attending please contact Senior Fellow Andreas Østhagen at ao@fni.noTravel funds are available to partake in the workshop, by application.

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