In Memoriam : Thorvald Stoltenberg

“One star has faded, Thorvald Stoltenberg was the node in a myriad of networks, writes Gudmund Hernes.”

Thorvald Stoltenberg was one of the Honorary members of the Academy

Last visit: This picture of Thorvald Stoltenberg and Gudmund Hernes at the famous Stoltenberg’s kitchen table was taken May 30th this year when Hernes visited Stoltenberg for the last time. Photo: Private


…”This also illustrates how Thorvald looked at people: that they are not, as liberalists assume, a group of isolated individuals looking forward to promote themselves and their interests. Thorvald lived, built and cultivated network, drew people into them and lifted people up through them – especially those who were weak or damaged. And those who reached Thorvald did not only get him as a new link in their network – they got an intermediary to many others.  Thorvald was the country’s undisputed sociometric star.

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Gudmund Hernes is one of the founding fathers of the Academy and a member of the Academy’s board.