Secrets of a Frozen Ocean – Best Documentary at the New York International Film Festival 2018

“Secrets of A Frozen Ocean” follows 75 year old, Yngve Kristoffersen, a Norwegian Scientist and member of the Academy who sets out on a dangerous 13-month expedition in a small hovercraft (R/H SABVABAA) together with Audun Tholfsen. Their destination was the most remote areas of the Arctic. It is his last chance to fulfill his lifelong dream and prove a theory about an asteroid hitting the Arctic Ocean millions of years ago. Along the way, they encounter extreme weather, hungry Polar Bears, and mechanical difficulties. The theory which inspired the expedition was based on data collected by Dr. John K. Hall on the US Ice Station T3 in the late 1960’s. The documentary is a mix of groundbreaking science and wild adventure. ¹

Secrets of a Frozen Ocean – Official Trailer;  if you may want to have access to the full documentary, please contact us for more information.

¹ Text from Rick Spilman)