Nomination of candidates for membership 2017

Longyearbyen July, 2017

To all members,


The Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research. Nomination of candidates for membership.

According to the statutes for the Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research, members may nominate candidates for membership. Such candidates must be persons who have carried out independent scientific work in polar research or who specifically have contributed to the advancement of polar research.

The recruitment of new individual members shall seek a balance between disciplines and expertise. The Academy’s Board recommends strengthening of social sciences and expertise on Antarctica and that international membership is strengthened. Female membership is to be enhanced.

Members of the Academy who wants to nominate candidates should do so in writing to the Academy’s office, e-mail, before October 15th 2017. CVs should be submitted with the proposals, which must be justified and supported by at least two Academy members. Election of new members is decided by the Academy’s Board.

Proposals should specify the candidate’s:

  1. Position and scientific field
  2. Roles in international cooperation and
  3. Scientific production.

The Board looks forward to receive your nominations.


Anton G. Kjelaas                                                                                        Thor  S. Larsen

President                                                                                                     Secretary general