Summer School “The Arctic Ocean and the marginal ice zone (MIZ)” – Participants

After receiving received 65 applications to fill the 30 participant seats that are available at the NVP summer school 2017. Our evaluation included the relevance of the applicant’s studies, geographical and scientific distribution of the participants, as well as gender issues and after these criteria, 26 candidates were selected and after receiving confirmations and some declinations, this is the final list of participants to this year’s summer school.

We are looking forward to welcome you all in Longyearbyen

Final participants
1 Alix Robert Varnajot
2 Anastasia Korablina
3 Anastasiia Bazhenova
4 Anastasiia Mischenko
5 Bernhard Schartmüller
6 Bimochan Niraula
7 Charles Brunette
8 David Palma
9 Diwarka Poudel
10 Elena Sukhikh
11 Elena Guk
12 Hanna Kauko
13 Ilker Basaran
14 Kari Dalen
15 Lisa Griem
16 Liudmila Nikanorova
17 Marina Antonova
18 Marius Årthun
19 Marta Lucja Bystrowska
20 Meri Tuuli Päivikki Korhonen
21 Robynne Calypso  Nowicki
22 Sigurd Henrik Teigen
23 Thomas Ronge