Arctic Frontiers 2017

The marginal ice zone. Cross-cutting challenges which require interdisciplinary research, management and policy

Time: January 26th 2017 at 14:00-16:00
Place: UiT – Auditorium UB

In cooperation with The University Centre in Svalbard, the University of Tromsø / the Arctic University, the North-University, the Norwegian Polar Institute, the University of Oslo and the Nansen Environmental Centre, the Academy hosted a side-event during the Arctic Frontiers in Tromsø on january 26th: “The marginal ice zone. Cross-cutting challenges wooden require interdisciplinary research, management and policy.”

This initiative focuses on interdisciplinarity and current challenges in the Arctic, including biology, law, policy, regulations, technology and the interactions between politics/ academia and business.

These were the presentations held during the event:

The Academy has since 2011 hosted international summer schools in Longyearbyen every second year. The summer schools are interdisciplinary with broad international participation and are focusing on contemporary challenges in the polar regions. More details can be found here.

The summer school 2017, which is scheduled for the first week of August, has the same theme as the side-event at the Arctic Frontiers. The summer school can accommodate +/- 30 students who mainly are young researchers at the PhD level or PhD students. We want to hear from you if the summer school 2017 can be of interest to you and your students.