Collaboration Agreement with Russian Geographical society

The Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research has recently signed a Collaboration Agreement with the Russian Geographical Society. The Society’s Board of Trustees is chaired by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and plays an increasingly important role in Russia.

Under this Agreement, the Parties shall establish collaboration in scientific and cultural endeavors, as well as share information, experience and knowledge inter alia with regard to interdisciplinary research and education relevant for the polar regions. The Parties shall organize and hold joint research and – education-to-practice conferences, forums, symposia, workshops, roundtable discussions and other events as relevant. The Parties shall enable and facilitate direct relationships between relevant and like-minded institutions in Russia, Norway and elsewhere

. The Parties shall establish a Working Group of Experts with the aim to coordinate implementation of the Agreement as well as to coordinate and implement joint events. The Working Group shall organize meetings as and when needed, revise the results and make further suggestions on the implementation of the Agreement.

In addition to joint research and teaching and other activities, the cooperation can provide important contributions to what can be described as “science diplomacy