Climate Change – Beliefs and Disbeliefs

The Norwegian Academy for Polar Research hereby invites you to attend the spring seminar in Longyearbyen on June 3rd 2010, at 16.00 – 19.00.

The topics and the speakers are:

  • The Barents Sea from the Cold War and into the Future / Sverre Jervell, senior advisor at the Norwegian Foreign Office
  • A Blue Arctic Ocean – If and When? / Ola M. Johannessen, professor at the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center
  • Are the Himalayan Glaciers Disappearing? / Doug Benn, professor at the University Centre in Svalbard
  • Marine Mammals in a Changing Arctic / Kit Kovacs, senior researcher at the Norwegian Polar Institute and adjunct professor at UNIS
  • Truth and Belief in Science – a Climate Change Perspective / Bo Andersen, Managing Director at the Norwegian Space Centre

Travel and accommodation arrangements have to be handled individually. The seminar and the following annual meeting are scheduled to fit with the air flight into Longyearbyen on the 3rd and the departure flight on the 4th of June.

Annual meeting: Longyearbyen June 4th

This year’s annual meeting will be held at Isdammen 1 in Longyearbyen on June 4th, starting at 09.00. Documents for the meeting will be distributed later.